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Oct 01, 2019 · Venus will station retrograde on May 13, 2020 at 21°50’ Gemini and will station direct on June 25 at 5°20’ Gemini. Venus is retrograde less often than any other planet, and yet in the middle of the retrograde, it comes closer to Earth than any other planet ever does. Also, during retrograde motion, Venus strays farther from the ecliptic ...

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Year of 2020: It’s all about you, Gemini—at least for the four luxurious months that Venus spends in your sign this year! From April 3-August 7, the love goddess herself is helping you cultivate greater self-love and reconnect with the things that bring beauty, pleasure, and value to your life. My hero academia season 2 episode 9 google docs

The planet Venus in 2020. The upper chart shows the path of Venus across the background stars over the course of the year. Stars to magnitude +4.5 are shown with some fainter objects included to complete constellation patterns. Venus is in Gemini from April 3 to August 7, 2020, so get ready for open communication and romance. Here's your love horoscope and tarot card reading for all zodiac signs, per astrology.

What is my Venus sign? That is, which zodiac sign was Venus in, when I was born - or for that matter, any date or event? This section is for many of us, who need a detailed transit chart of Venus in the signs. The table below is easy to interpret, because it provides the exact dates and times when Venus entered a zodiac sign and remained there till Venus enters the next sign, with times in UTC ...

Dec 09, 2019 · Venus, the planet ruling love, beauty, pleasure, art, indulgences and romance turns retrograde every 18 months for around six weeks. From 13 May to 25 June 2020 Venus retrogrades in the air and dual sign of Gemini. Looking back Venus last retrograded 5 October to 17 November 2018 and from July 25 to September 6, 2015.

Saturn enters Aquarius (11:58 pm EDT) Vesta enters Gemini (1:06 am EDT) Saturn’s Aquarius ingress will forever be tied to the Coronavirus and social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn). As the sign of the collective, Aquarius reminds us that we are all in this together, even if some of us live o Apr 03, 2020 · On April 3, 2020 our planet Venus, the planet of beauty and love moves into the curious and witty sign of Gemini. Venus has been transiting in Taurus since March 4, 2020. This Venus transit will also be turning retrograde! This is the first Venus retrograde of 2020. Venus will be in Gemini until August 6, 2020. Retrograde Venus in Gemini Dates:

Below, Vogue sets out the key astrology dates to keep in mind as you look ahead to the new year. Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (12 January) The alignment between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn comes at the start of 2020, signalling the start of the impactful shifts that are predicted to take place throughout the next 12 months. Jan 10, 2020 · Your guide to the changing Astrology of 2020. By Staff. Aspects, Astrology, Timely, Transits, Yearly. With each planetary transit or major aspect that happens in 2020, you'll feel the energy change in a different way! Check ouy our 2020 Astrology calendar here to see all the transits, major aspects, eclipses, and retrogrades that are ...

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